FAQ’s Ann Arbor

Q. How Can I Schedule An Appointment?

A. If your child is already a Green Tree patient, you can schedule an appointment online through the patient portal.  You’re also welcome to call us at (734) 769-3702 to speak to the receptionist.  If you are new to Green Tree, you can call to schedule an appointment to be seen in the office or schedule a free Meet the Doctor appointment to learn more about us.

Q. What Do I Do If My Child Is Sick During Office Hours?

A. We make sure to keep about half of our appointment slots open every day for children who need to be seen.  If your child gets sick during our office hours, please call us at (734) 769-3702 or schedule an appointment via the Patient Portal.

Q. How Often Should My Child See The Pediatrician?

A. We care for children from birth to 21 years. For well child care, we follow the schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Q. What Do I Do If The Office Is Closed But I Have An Urgent Concern?

A. Children do not get sick on schedule, which means that you will sometimes need medical advice or treatment outside our regular office hours.  If it is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention, call 911. Otherwise, you should always call the office at 734-475-4500 and follow the instructions to either leave a message for non-urgent calls (that will be heard the next time the office opens) or to reach the on call physician.  A physician is on call for our practice 24 hours/day 7 days/week.

We offer urgent care hours on Saturday mornings. If you think your child will need to be seen, you can call the office between 8 am and 10 am to schedule an appointment for Saturday morning. Depending on which physician is on call that weekend, clinic hours will be held in either the Chelsea or Ann Arbor office.

Q. How Can I Switch My Primary Care Provider To Green Tree Pediatrics?

A. It’s easy to switch to Green Tree Pediatrics.  Simply call us to establish care and we can help you from there.  You are welcome to first schedule a free Meet the Doctor appointment to meet us and take a tour of the office. If you are transferring care from another office, we can help you with the paperwork to transfer your child’s medical record.

Q. Can my child go to the pediatrician by themselves?

A. If your child is a minor (less than 18 years), we need authorization from a parent to be able to see them.  If you need to send a child aged 15-17 years old by themselves, please fill out this consent form and either fax it or have the child bring it with them to the office. We are unable to see a child younger than 15 years if they are unaccompanied by an adult.

Q. Are Vaccines Safe?

A. Yes.  Vaccines are safe and necessary to ensure the health of both your child and the people around your child.  In the U.S., we have made great progress in eradicating contagious and even deadly diseases using vaccines. Green Tree Pediatrics is a pro-vaccine practice, and we encourage all parents to vaccinate their children. We also follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines and respect a parent’s right to refuse treatment on behalf of their children. If you decline vaccines or follow an alternate schedule, please know that we will discuss our recommendations at each well visit and we will expect parents to sign a waiver at each visit listing the declined vaccines.

Q. If there are sick children in the office, what is done to make sure that my child is safe?

A. We are committed to ensuring the safety of your child. We take many precautionary steps to ensure a safe clinical environment for your child.  Throughout the day, we are wiping down surfaces and cleaning the office.  We thoroughly clean exam rooms after each visit.  When there is a concern for contagion, we ask parents to call from their car, so that we can bring their child straight to an exam room bypassing the reception area.

Q. If I Am An Expecting Parent, When Can I Meet My Pediatrician?

A. Before you deliver, you should be comfortable with your pediatrician!  If you already have children who are patients at Green Tree Pediatrics, contact the office to notify us of your due date and the hospital at which you plan to deliver.  If you are not an established patient at Green Tree, call (734) 769-3702 to schedule a Meet the Doctor visit. You can also participate in any of our upcoming community-building events, which you can learn more about either by checking out our calendar or following us on Facebook.

Q. How Do I Talk To My Kids About Important Health Issues?

A. Sometimes, it can be difficult to bring up health issues with children.  It’s important to make sure they know that they can come to you with problems so they feel comfortable letting you know of any potentially embarrassing symptoms.  If you are concerned that something is going on and your child will not discuss it, bring them to the doctor for a check-up so we can assess your child’s health needs.  If you have any more specific questions, you’re welcome to reach out to us, and we can make a plan together to help you talk to your child about more difficult health-related subjects.