You Are Having a Baby

Before You Deliver

Call or stop by the office to arrange for a meet the doctor if not established at the practice already. If you are an established patient you can contact the office to notify us of your due date and hospital where you will be delivering.

After You Deliver

Contact us at the office by phone or through the portal if we have already set up a record in the computer.  By contacting us we can touch base with you to see how things are proceeding after your delivery. We have computer access at both University of Michigan and at St. Joseph in Ann Arbor to follow things virtually. We also have a close working relationship with hospitalist groups at both hospitals to make the transition from Hospital to Home seamless.

After You Go Home

We like to see babies within 24-48 hours from the time you leave the hospital. We will schedule a minimum of 2 appointments to see your baby within the first week. These early days are full of various challenges with feedings, jaundice and deciphering what is normal. We do tend to hover during this first week of life. Remember there are no bad questions and that is never more important then in these first weeks of life.